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Third Time’s the Charm!

Hi! I hope you’re doing well today! Have you ever worked on a project and just kept messing things up? Well, it took me three tries to make my project today and even that didn’t turn out exactly the way I would have liked, but I had a limited amount of supplies, so I really needed to just decide it was OK.

Oh, Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t! Because this is a project for you and I’d really rather that it was a surprise so go ahead and skip this post – at least until after mid-February!

You’re gone, right, Mom? Good!

I will admit, I do ramble a bit in this post, but hopefully it’ll help you to avoid making some of the mistakes I made with my project, if you try to use pens with your digital cutter.

I’ll begin with a fascinating fact about the women in my family: we are tea drinkers, we don’t do coffee. This is something that my mom’s mom passed down and both my mom and I uphold. We don’t talk about my sister. She’s been know to drink coffee. She still will drink tea, so we look the other way when she has a cuppa joe. Anyway, when the challenge for The Creative Cutting Challenge was “Love” I thought I’d make a Valentine for my mom and since Cindy has this awesome Tea Cup Card:


and I love a good pun, a Valentine for my Mom was born! The trouble began, oh, yes, you remember there was trouble, when I got all clever about using my gel pen to write my punny sentiment on the inside of the card. I used the Silhouette Adjustable Pen Holder, but the tip of the pen came down too far, so it drew all over my paper and mat! See exhibit 1 below:


(The short marks in the upper left corner of the paper are me trying to see which pen would look best on the dark purple.) So my advice for you, and for me next time I go to use the Adjustable Pen Holder, is to put a test paper of about the same thickness on the mat and draw a simple shape and make sure the pen isn’t going to write until it’s at the right place (had to say it that way!) Basically, test the pen tip height to make sure it’s correct!

So, once I had it fixed, I tried again (thankfully, I just turned the paper over, figuring Mom wouldn’t mind if there was scribbling on the back of her card – or really I think I knew I was doomed and since I only had two sheets of this color of cardstock that I should mess up the back of the one I’d already messed up.) This time after I got the pen to write only where it was supposed to I forgot to tell it to cut out the card shape and it started to cut out the words – yep! I goofed that one up big time! Oh, and I also figured out that when you’re using a gel pen, you should try and have the design on the right side of the mat away from where the black rollers are (you’ll see in the picture above that those black rollers rolled right over the just inked areas and that smeared the ink some – not as obvious as the pen goof, though, but still better to not have the design roll under those rollers!)

Third time’s the charm, kind of. Here’s the mostly successful inside (because I had the pen set a little too low, so it still drew a little bit when it was moving from one line to the next, but not so badly that I needed to start over.)


It is a very nice font (Scriptina Pro) and I thought my mom, whose handwriting is really nice, would appreciate it!

My mom loves purple and she likes clean papers and designs (not distressed at all!) so I used some Teresa Collins Fabrications papers for the front and added some gold accents with a Gold 250 PITT Artist Pen.


I also stamped some words from an old Stampin’ Up! stamp set on the tag. I used the Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink for the stamping and to ink the edges of the tag.

I sure hope my mom loves this card and I sure hope that you’ll join in the Creative Cutting Challenge! Create something with SVG files and for “Love” and link it up at the blog!

Thanks so much for visiting today! I really love when you leave comments about what you liked about my project! Have a fantastic day!


Other materials used, not listed already: Cardstock from Close to My Heart, Adhesive from Scotch, Xyron and Zig

Comments on: "Third Time’s the Charm!" (7)

  1. A lovely card that was worth all the time and trouble it caused you! Thanks for the tips on what not to do too! lol

  2. It is beautiful. I love that font. Great job using the pen! I always forget I can do that…….I know your Mom is going to love it!!

  3. Really cute shape card, thanks for the tip on the pen

  4. Gorgeous card! I’m sure your mom will love it! I wish I would drink tea instead of coffee…so much better for you! I can relate to messing up a card….done that about a gazillion times! 😉

  5. Wonderful card! So pretty!

  6. Awesome card. Your mom will love all you went through to make this for her.

  7. Your card is beautiful and I can see it took a lot of work, but no one is better than a Mom to spend time on making a special card. I know she will love it.

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